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Wolf Auction Group

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No account? Click "View Auctions". Then make one in the top right corner of the platform. Use an email that is checked regularly for notice of approval, bidding updates, and invoicing.

1. Register

Accept the terms & conditions. You may need a credit card on file for approval. We do NOT charge the card. We simply verify a legitimate card with a small hold. Payment by card can be made upon request.

2. Get Approved

Three ways to bid:

-Online at:

-Wolf Auction Group Mobile App

-In person or over the phone with a staff member​

3. Bid

If you're the winning bidder an email will be sent notifying you. Invoices are sent via email after the auction is complete, or talk to staff onsite for an immediate copy of the invoice.

4. Win

Make Sold Simple

Register & Bid


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