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Wolf Auction Group

Elevate Your Fundraising


What We Do

Wolf Auction Group's team of professional fundraising auctioneers has the experience that just can't be bought. We work with your organization through the entire planning process to ensure your fundraising event is successful and memorable. Partnering with a professional saves countless hours of discussion and uncertainty. Our mission is to serve yours, and we do this best by developing strong, long lasting relationships. Many of our partners work with us year over year, and that trust speaks volumes.

We strive for fun and energetic live auctions, genuine heartfelt appeals with 100% giving, and an auctioneer that's prepared to handle any situation smoothly and professionally. We pride ourselves on serving as ambassadors for your mission and sharing your story.

Where to Start?

Good news, you're in the right place. Being a Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) designated auctioneer by the National Auction Association indicates we have completed extensive training which differentiates us in our ability to collaborate with non profit organizations and elevate your fundraising endeavors. In the same way that we trust doctors with our medical affairs, or mechanics with auto repairs, a professional fundraising auctioneer understands the nuances of successful preparation and execution.

Before you contact us, take a moment to consider the following questions:

  • How many attendees will there be?

  • Will there be a live auction, a silent auction, or both?

  • Will there be raffles or other revenue enhancing activities?

  • Will you have a Fund-A-Need Appeal/ Paddle Raise?

  • How much was raised in prior years? What is the goal for this year?

After the event, we will complete the Benefit Auction Profile and debrief:

  • Did we hit our goal?

  • How do we feel about the run of show and event as a whole?

  • What percentage of attendees gave?

  • What was the largest donation made?

  • How many gifts were made at each level of the appeal?

What's Next?

It's never too early to reach out to discuss your next event. Many organizations begin working with us a full year in advance. We recommend giving your organization at least 90 days to work with your auctioneer. Consultations are free and we'd be glad to discuss if we are the right fit for your event.

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